Saint June 24 : Birth of St. John the Baptist the Cousin of Jesus and Patron Saint of Baptism, Epilepsy and Motorways

Saint June 23 : St. Joseph Cafasso a Seminary Teacher of St. John Bosco who Ministered to Criminals Condemned to Death

Pope Francis Visits the Church of his Confessor who Died at Age 85 - RIP Father Manuel Blanco

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Holy Mass Online - Bible Readings and Video : Sunday, June 23, 2024 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint June 23 : St. Etheldreda of Ely a Queen who became a Nun after 2 Marriages - Patron Saint of Widows and Sore Throat or Necks

Pope Francis Quotes Scientist's Warning "The development of full AI could spell the end of the human race… " and Calls for "absolute necessity of the development and ethical use of AI, inviting the direction of...peace."

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Powerful Prayers to Saint Thomas More - Novena Prayer to the Patron Saint of Politicians, Lawyers and Religious Freedom, with Litany

Saint June 22 : St. Paulinus of Nola a Governor who Gave All to the Poor and Became a Bishop, after the Death of his Only Child

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Saint June 22 : St. Thomas More who was Martyred by King Henry VIII for Defending the Church - Patron Saint of Religious Freedom, Politicians, Lawyers , and Widowers

Saint June 22 : St. John Fisher a Cardinal in England, who Preached Publicly Against Divorce, Martyred by King Henry VIII in 1535

Pope Francis Brings 6 People Closer to Sainthood by Recognizing 2 Albanian Martyred Priests, and Heroic Virtues of 3 Religious and a Lay Woman

Vatican's Cardinal Parolin Laments Russia's Absence at Swiss Peace Conference for Ukraine and Emphasizes Dialogue for Peace

Saintly Chiara Corbella Petrillo, a Mother who Died Saving her Unborn Baby by Refusing Cancer Treatments is Now Closer to Canonization