Monday, May 19, 2014

Viral Video of 3 Year Old Orphan Celebrating Mass - SHARE this Cute Future Priest

  • SAMUEL JARAMILLO, age 3, is an orphan from Columbia, South America. His aunt filmed him "celebrating Mass". Although he cannot read or write, Samuel knows the Mass by heart.
  • The video was posted on YOUTUBE and received over 300000 views in a week. It has now reached close to 1 Million Views. At Christmas the young child asked for Priest clothes. 
The local Priest, Fr. Monsalve said, “Amid a changing world that is at times indifferent to religious matters, this child appears as a testimony of love for God and fascination for sacred celebrations, most certainly fostered by those who care for him and by the priest of his parish.” Fr. Monsalve explained,  Jaramillo “should not only awaken religious fervor but also serve as an example for the promotion of priestly and religious vocations, supported always by the encouragement of parishes, seminaries and houses of formation.” "However, it will be God who continues speaking to humanity through the nobility and humility of his littlest children, the favorites of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Jaramillo goes to Mass every Sunday with his grandmother, Rosa Eva Arango.
In an interview Jaramillo said he wants to be a priest when he grows up.

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