Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Official Message of Pope Francis on Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral "For Notre-Dame is...the witness of the faith and prayer of Catholics in the city." FULL TEXT


H.E. Msgr. Michel Aupetit
Archbishop of Paris
Following the fire that devastated much of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, I join in your sadness, as well as that of the faithful of your diocese, the inhabitants of Paris and all the French. In these Holy Days when we remember Jesus’ passion, His death and His resurrection, I assure you of my spiritual closeness and my prayer.
This disaster has seriously damaged a historic building. But I am aware that it has also affected a national symbol dear to the hearts of Parisians and French in the diversity of their beliefs. For Notre-Dame is the architectural jewel of a collective memory, the gathering place for many major events, the witness of the faith and prayer of Catholics in the city.
While saluting the courage and the work of the firefighters who intervened to limit the fire, I express my hope that the Cathedral of Notre-Dame may once again become, thanks to the works of reconstruction and the mobilization of all, this beautiful treasure trove in the heart of the city, sign of the faith of those who built it, mother church of your diocese, and architectural and spiritual heritage of Paris, France and humanity.
With this hope, I cordially impart my apostolic blessing to you and to the bishops of France and the faithful of your diocese, and I invoke God’s blessing on the inhabitants of Paris and all the French.



Elena said...

I believe that all of French and in America as well as around the world witness the beautiful and outpouring generosity of prayers love and pledge of support to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral . In September 2001,I witnessed and some friends including the late Fr Michael Judge OFM , a Secular Franciscan named Carol de Plante our doorman brother and my husband's relative or friend's relative had died in the fire.

As Christ had said ; the Church will last until the end of time Amen .

Unknown said...

It's horrible what happened to Notre Dame, but let us be clear-- Jesus would NOT rebuild the church before all humans were fed and cared for in the immanent and looming climate crisis. Furthermore, it is important to recognize Paul built the Christian Church, not Jesus. Jesus did not say the church will last until the ends of time-- Christ wasn't a Christian, he was Jewish. The only thing Jesus said himself in the Bible-- "I am that I am and you are the same as me". To be like Jesus, is to understand Notre Dame is only a building-- Christianity and Christ have no walls. Please Pope Francis, tell France to rebuild developing world BEFORE they rebuild Notre Dame. This is in fact what Jesus would do.