Friday, April 27, 2012


Peggy Coffey Campbell has died | Peggy Campbell, St Paul's Missionary Community,Turkana, northwestern Kenya,New Ways, Angela Docherty

Peggy Campbell
Peggy Campbell, a lay worker with the St Paul's Missionary Community in Turkana, northwestern Kenya, died yesterday afternoon. She was four months away from her 80th birthday. Peggy devoted all the years of her retirement to working with women and children at the mission.

A professional seamstress in London, Peggy began visiting and working in Turkana after the death of her husband John. Eventually she decided to lived there permanently. She taught many women how to sew and set up their own businesses. She also taught literacy to many young children.

Angela Docherty, CEO of New Ways, a charity which funds the mission, said: "Peggy was an amazing woman that has in the last 17 years of her life helped raise money, train people to earn a living and generally devote herself to helping people in Turkana."

We will be publishing a full tribute and obituary soon.

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