Redeemer Pacific College (RPC) is a Catholic liberal arts college with a unique partnership with Trinity Western University (TWU), providing students with a solid foundation in Catholic liberal arts as they work towards an undergraduate degree in any one of the 40 + undergraduate majors offered by TWU. RPC functions in fidelity to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church as we lead our students to grow in knowledge and love of Christ and His Church.
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In 1999, Redeemer Pacific College opened its doors as an Approved Teaching Center of Trinity Western University. An Associate College of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, RPC is a faithfully Catholic college in close partnership with Canada’s largest Christian liberal arts univeristy, Trinity Western University. Now entering our ninth year, RPC is already recognized as “a unique and wonderful institution” (Dr. Peter Kreeft, Boston College).

RPC Chapel
Christ can quite literally be found at the heart of Redeemer Pacific College. All students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to come to the Chapel and spend time in prayer with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament any time the College is open. Throughout the day many students come to spend some quiet moments with Christ in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, while students who live on campus are able to visit the Blessed Sacrament after regular office hours.
Through Redeemer Pacific College and Trinity Western University, RPC students receive a Catholic liberal arts education while working towards a degree in any one of the 39 majors offered by TWU. All the courses taken at RPC are taught by thoroughly orthodox Catholic professors who are faithful to the Magisterium and Tradition of the Catholic Church and who have committed themselves, with RPC staff and administration, to live authentic Christian lives. RPC’s courses are all taught from an authentic Catholic perspective, yet count towards an accredited university degree from TWU without any need to transfer credit. Our courses and professors are subject to the same rigorous academic standards as TWU courses and professors. RPC’s courses are listed in the Trinity Western Calendar, and can be taken by evangelical as well as Catholic students. Catholic students are both RPC & TWU students and take courses at both institutions to earn their TWU degree. RPC’s program is highly developed. Our mentors at the University of Steubenville have described the College’s selection of courses as “perfect” for our task of developing “dynamic Catholic leaders.” Furthermore, in fact, in the spring of 2008, TWU approved a Catholic Studies Minor in the Christianity and Culture program comprised entirely of RPC courses.

As an RPC student, the Catholic perspective is “built in” to your TWU degree
Building upon the tradition of liberal arts, TWU requires all students, regardless of their major, to take a certain number of core courses in a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, natural sciences, religious studies and fine arts. Redeemer Pacific College works alongside TWU to offer all of the Arts and Humanities core courses from the Catholic perspective. Catholic students who take their core courses at RPC gain a solid foundation in Catholic thought and teaching.
What does this mean for Catholic students? It means that they can pursue a BA in almost any undergraduate major through TWU while at the same time receiving their Catholic formation and education by taking many of their core courses at RPC. Many students, inspired by their professors and excited about their courses, continue taking upper level courses at RPC after completing their core requirements. The College offers advanced theology and philosophy courses that let you explore the life-changing world of Catholic thought, belief and practice.
Catholic Community
RPC students belong to a vibrant and close-knit Catholic community within the context of the larger university. The students of RPC grow together in knowledge and understanding of Christ and His Church as they seek to help one another respond to the universal call to holiness through time spent together participating in spiritual, social, and academic activities, including Holy Mass, retreats and community dinners. At the heart of this College community one literally finds Christ, as we have a chapel which provides students, staff, and faculty with the opportunity to spend time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
In addition to their RPC involvement, as students at Trinity Western University, all RPC/TWU students have access to literally hundreds of opportunities for student leadership and community involvement at TWU, including all extracurricular sports and clubs – anything from the Student Council to Pro-Life to Improv Comedy to Intramural Soccer. RPC students are encouraged to become involved in both RPC and TWU student life.