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Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese REPORT
14 Sep 2012

Dr Steven Lovell-Jones (right) Dean of Notre Dame's School of Arts and Sciences at the launch of Dr John Rees' important new works
The University of Notre Dame might be Australia's youngest university but it continues to punch well above its weight and for the sixth consecutive year has been given a five-star ranking by the prestigious Good Universities Guide - across all its campuses.
When it comes to Graduate Satisfaction and Teaching Quality, UNDA receives top marks. The university also received five stars for Generic Skills and Entry Flexibility in recognition of the strength of its admission process which accesses applicants on a personal as well as an academic level.
Each year the Good Universities Guide ranks Australia's universities and private colleges based on a survey of university graduates' assessments in categories ranging from the quality of teaching to the ability to find full time jobs after graduation.
For UNDA's Sydney campus, 2011 was a landmark year which saw the first 106 students from the university's School of Medicine at Darlinghurst awarded Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery. The year also saw an increase in the numbers of those graduating with degrees in nursing and education.
With the Guide ranking universities in a series of stars from one to five, UNDA at its three campuses in Sydney, Broome and Fremantle yet again was up there with Australia's older acclaimed institutes of learning such as Canberra's ANU and the University of Queensland.

Notre Dame's Graduating Class of 2011
"The consistency of the very significant results in this year's Guide, particularly in areas of Graduate Satisfaction and Teaching Quality is testament to the commitment of our outstanding staff and evidence we are successfully achieving our 'objects' which define our university," says Professor Celia Hammond, Vice Chancellor of UNDA.
The 'objects' outlined when UNDA was first established in WA in 1989 by an Act of Parliament, include the provision of a university education within the context of Catholic faith and values together with excellent standards of teaching, scholarship and research as well as excellence in training for the professions and the pastoral care of its students.
Together with its high standard of teaching and graduate satisfaction, UNDA remains a standout when it comes to its application process.
"We take a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the use of a single score and assesses each applicant on their potential for a chosen course," Professor Hammond explains. "This is undertaken by looking at their academic achievements to date as well as a personal statement supporting their reasons for wanting to study at Notre Dame. Additionally, prospective students are invited to attend an interview which is integral in assisting both the University and the student in determining suitability for study at Notre Dame."

Seren Dalkiran of Netherlands - first international student to receive Notre Dame University's scholarship for post graduate research
Describing pastoral care as the heart of UNDA's 'objects,' she says this care begins from the time of the first meeting with prospective students and continues through to graduation and beyond.
In addition to out-performing many of Australia's larger and well established universities, UNDA has also become a leader in the field of research.
Dr John Rees, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations is winning wide acclaim for two important works on the study of religion and world politics.
"These works by Dr Rees' offer insights essential to enabling dialogue about the relationship between religion and international policy, a relationship so often denied by purely secular modes of enquiry," Associate Professor Steven Lovell-Jones, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences said at the launch of Dr Rees' two books earlier this month.
One of books, entitled "Religion in International Politics and Development" illustrates the dynamics of religion and how in the modern era these must be considered to be of central and abiding importance in the study of world politics. Dr Rees' second and equally important work, "Religion and Foreign Affairs: Essential Readings" is a compilation of writings to provide an introduction to the field of world politics and religion which is already being included among contributions from seminal figures in the field including internationally-renowned scholars such as American academics, Scott Appleby and Daniel Philpott.

UND Vice Chancellor, Professor Celia Hammond
In addition to its increasing contribution to international research particularly in the field of ethics, religion and politics, UNDA also offers International Fee Remission Scholarships to international students. The first of these, Seren Dalkiran from the Netherlands is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy at UNDA's Sydney campus. She is researching and assessing the social change processes within the emerging empowered and conscious proportion of youth leaders across the globe.
"Australia is a totally different culture from my own and as a young country, is open to innovation, critical and creative thinking," she says adding that not only is UNDA an exciting place to work and study but also offers easy access to the emerging dynamics of the Asia-Pacific region and her own field of study.
UNDA is currently accepting applications for enrolment in 2013 with HECS places still available.
The University's Sydney campus offers degrees and courses in , Business, Education (Teaching), Law, Medicine, Nursing and Philosophy & Theology.
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