Agenzia Fides REPORT - Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, Archbishop of Caracas, will celebrate a "Mass" in honor of the late President of Venezuela Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias in Rome, where he is to attend the conclave that will elect a new pope.
In a statement sent to Fides, "Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, Archbishop of Caracas, will celebrate a Mass for the funeral in Rome, in a place and date to be announced, and calls on all Venezuelans who want to participate in a religious ceremony to pray for President Chavez," who died yesterday, March 5 at the military hospital in Caracas.
The Archbishop expressed his "condolences" to the family of the late President, and urged the authorities "to apply the mechanisms provided for by the Constitution" and all sectors of society to promote "calm and harmony of the people." "In particular, it is necessary to exclude all forms of violence," he added.
In another note sent to Fides on the situation in Caracas, it states that the Cardinal’s request, unfortunately, has not yet been heard by the "Chavistas": in fact, around the military hospital some journalists of a multimedia Colombian group were attacked, beaten and threatened between screams and shots. (CE)