CVA RELEASE: Catholic Voices Australia is a Melbourne-based initiative founded by a team of lay Catholics with a specific goal: to provide the media with access to well-informed, practising Catholics who will represent the Catholic Church truthfully and passionately in the media.
Pope Benedict’s announcement to abdicate the Holy See and the papal election that followed, provided Catholic Voices Australia with the prime opportunity to train six ‘ordinary’ Catholics who were then prepared to comment on television and radio regarding this historical event.
Catholic Voices Australia is now extending this initiative by opening an application process with the purpose of training a wide range of Catholic Voices to assist the media by shedding light on any current issues where a Catholic perspective is required.
  • We welcome applications from any practising, committed Catholics aged between 20-45 who come from all walks of life and are living in Melbourne.
  • Applicants must also be available on one of the interview dates and on all four training weekends.
  • Interviews will be held on Friday evening April 26 and Saturday April 27 in Melbourne.
  • Training weekends, each lasting from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, will be on May 17, 18, 19 (this will be a residential weekend); May 31 and June 1, 2; June 14, 15, 16; and July 5, 6, 7 in Melbourne.
  • Follow the links provided
Chris Bergin
Kathleen O’Shea
Robert Dugdale
Madeleine Dugdale
Therese Nichols
Penny Badwal
Catholic Voices Australia
Putting the Church's case in the public square
All Media enquires can be directed to:
Kathleen O'Shea: 0422 087 485
Madeleine Dugdale: 0412 399 627
General enquiries can be directed to
Think you might like to be a CV?
  • Email for an application form.
  • The deadline for applications is
    20 April 2013