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Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
23 Apr 2013
Cardinal George Pell has launched his latest book, Contemplating Christ With Luke, during his current visit to Rome.
A series of homilies on the figure of Christ according to the Gospel of St Luke, Cardinal Pell shares his thoughts on the gospel often recognised primarily for the infancy narratives.
However Cardinal Pell says while Luke is perhaps not as dramatic or theological as  John he offers wonderful stories, including seven parables of Our Lord which are only found in Luke.

These include the story of the good thief, the disciples on the Way to Emmaus and Zacchaeus, the tax collector.
The homilies can be read as meditations or reflections by groups or individuals.
Prior to the launch at the Australian Embassy to the Holy See, Cardinal Pell had visited with Pope Francis.
A member of the recently announced advisory group of eight to discuss questions of Church governance, the Roman Curia and the major universal issues facing the Catholic Church, Cardinal Pell was keen to point out the group is not a "cabinet" or policy-making executive group.
Speaking on Vatican Radio in Rome Cardinal Pell said; "It is important to preserve the prerogatives of Peter, the Successor of Rome," Cardinal Pell said.
"The Pope doesn't answer to us. We are advisors to him and how that will work exactly I am not sure but as one of three representatives of the English speaking Church in the group we have something to offer.
"We are a fairly practical people, organised and I think we have  gifts we can offer the universal Church.
"One of our biggest challenges is how we present our faith to young people - trying to show our good works and how they follow from our faith in Christ."
Contemplating Christ With Luke is available through Connor Court publishing at

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