Eucharistic Congress finished with festive fair in Cologne, greeting Pope Francis and sermon by Cardinal Meisner: God is not a private matter, but an open matter that matters above all.
Cologne ( with a festive closing worship the Eucharistic Congress in Cologne ends today. There were several ten thousand participants in the Cathedral City Guest since Wednesday. The Eucharistic Congress was under the motto "Lord, to whom shall we go?" (John 6.68).

The Chairman of the German Bishops ' Conference, Archbishop Dr. Robert Zollitsch, thanked the faithful for their public testimony during the Eucharistic Congress: "We have experienced not only wonderful weather in the past few days, but celebrated above all a great feast of faith."

Christ was in the middle of the people that he was the source of strength for the faith. Specifically, Archbishop Zollitsch was Germany's on the situation of the flood in different parts: "Christ accompanies us not only in the happy hours, he is also with us, when worries press us. We know they are connected to us in this hour particularly with those in the South and East of our country, which are afflicted by the floods and also with all those who assist these people and as rescue workers help."

In his sermon, the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, underlined the importance of the Eucharist: "Nowhere man and our world gets so unlikely value as in the Holy Eucharist." Eucharist is always also the Festival of the people. "Christ committed to us and to our country. Germany is seen despite all - by God - not Godforsaken. Germany is a God-connected country through the Holy Eucharist,"said Cardinal Meisner.

There is no life lost Christ and therefore no world lost God and therefore not a godless world: "who theoretically or practically excludes God in the private and social life, of himself and the people on the meaning of life passes. By the risen Christ is present in the fruit of human work in the Eucharistic bread into it, falls from this faith secret from glamour and dignity on the work of the people. God needs people!"


Christ, as cardinal Meisner, identify with the people. From the body of Christ, the Church of adults. "Our Church is a religious association to enforce religious interests, but the Church is the body of Christ in our country. And the heart center of this church is the Eucharistic Lord."

The papal legate to the Eucharistic Congress, Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, a message from Pope Franziskus read out during the service at the RheinEnergieStadion Cologne. The special order was "that the mass not stunted us to flatter routine; there, so Pope Francis that we increasingly exploit their depth only! It is Yes, that involves us in Christ huge redemption, which sharpens our spiritual eyes of his love." The question, 'Lord, to whom we should go?', imagine some contemporaries, searched for Christ: "You the Savior wants to meet us we were his brothers and sisters through the baptism and the force get in the Eucharistic meal, to go along with his saving mission", so Pope Francis. "We all, bishops, priests and deacons, religious and lay people, have the order to bring God to the world and the world to God. Cornerstones of our faith, which forms the focal point of the Eucharist are meet Christ, rely on Christ, proclaim Christ - that."

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