Agenzia Fides REPORT - The Catholic community of Colon (Panama) is appalled by the death of the priest Anibal Gomez (67 years old), of Spanish origin, whose body was found around 1pm (local time) yesterday, 30 October, at the entrance of the Bishop emeritus’ house, His Exc. Mgr. Carlos María Ariz Bolea, C.M.F. , who was not at home. According to local sources of Fides Agency, it is believed that the reason for the murder was robbery, as the priest had bruises, had been tied and died due to a large stab.
The criminal incident occurred in the Davis area in Colon, a city considered particularly violent because of rampant crime. Father Anibal Gomez was the parish priest in the parish of Mary Mother of God, which is located in the Jose Denominatore Bazan area, formerly Fort Davis. A priest in the area, father Teofilo Rodriguez, told the local press: "We are concerned about the level of violence we have reached, a man of God was beaten to death. We found him with numerous injuries on his body and his face disfigured by the blows".
The Archbishop of Panama, His Exc. Mgr. José Domingo Ulloa Mendieta, O.S.A., expressed his great sorrow with regards to the priest’s death and the concern for such violence: "It happened in broad daylight, we all have to reflect and we must all work together to stop the violence and murders that are taking place". (CE) (Agenzia Fides 31/10/2013)