Missile hits Catholic School and Kills 61 in Syria

Syria: Child killed, 61 people injured in attack on Catholic school | Armenian Catholic, Damascus, Bab Tuma, Syria,  Christian school,, Father George Bahi, Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Damascus
Ind. Cath. News Report:

One child  died and 61  children, parents and teachers were injured  when a  missile hit the Armenian Catholic school in Damascus on Tuesday morning.
The school is in  the historic district of Bab Tuma, in the old town, where there are many churches and Christian schools.
Father George Bahi, a priest of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Damascus said: "This morning, around 7.30am, a missile fell on the crowd of children, parents and teachers who were waiting for the school to open. One child died and 61 children and adults were injured. Rescuers arrived immediately and the injured were taken to three hospitals in the area. We are all shocked by what happened".
Source: Fides