Pope Francis meets with Council of Cardinals - Discusses Protection of Minors

(Vatican Radio) The Vatican released a statement on Wednesday saying the Council of 8 Cardinals, which met for 3 days this week, has completed a first review of the Pontifical Councils. Part of the time was dedicated to planning the work to be completed between this week’s session and the next session, scheduled for the beginning of July. The 8 cardinals were appointed by the Pope shortly after his election to serve as advisers to him on the governance of the Church and on planned reforms of the Roman Curia. 
It was also announced that the new Council for the Economy will meet for the first time on Friday, May 2nd and Pope Francis will greet the participants. The main focus of the meeting will be the Statutes of the Council itself and the planning of its work. 
And the new Commission for the Protection of Minors will have its first meeting later this week, from Thursday May 1st to Saturday the 3rd , at the Santa Marta residence. The Commission will reflect on the nature and scope of its tasks, as well as its integration with members representing different geographical areas worldwide. As with the New Council for the Economy, Pope Francis is scheduled to greet the members of the Commission. Both bodies were set up by him. 

Text from Vatican Radio website