European Union Election Results - 28 - Nation Elections on May 22-25 2014

Returns from the 28-nation European Parliament elections.  The winners in France, the anti-EU, far-right National Front party led by Marine Le Pen got one in four votes. UK Independence Party (UKIP) was the highest in the poll in European elections in Britain. Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) had 27.5% of the vote, the main opposition Labour Party 25%, the Conservatives 24%.  Voters in Greece, handed first place and six seats to the anti-establishment Syriza. In Poland, politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke was elected to the parliament. In Spain, Podemos, a new movement won five seats.  Germany Angela Merkel’s conservatives were the strongest force in Germany winning with 36% of the vote, but that was down from 42% in last year’s national election. The anti-euro Alternative for Germany party — won about 7% of the vote.  
Read Cardinal Marx Statement on Election Results: Press Release of COMECE President Reinhard Cardinal Marx on the outcome of the European elections

A large majority of the citizens who participated in the European elections voted for pro-European candidates. In the years to come this will allow the European Parliament to continue its work for the common good of all Europeans with dedicated and competent women and men. Full Article

European Parliament election, 2014
European Union
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22–25 May 2014→ 2019

All 751 seats to the European Parliament
376 seats needed for a majority
 First partySecond partyThird party
 Ioannes Claudius Juncker die 7 Martis 2014.jpgMartinus Schulz die 15 Novembris 2013.jpgGuido Verhofstadt die 30 Martis 2012.jpg
LeaderJean-Claude JunckerMartin SchulzGuy Verhofstadt[1]
Last election36%, 265 seats25%, 184 seats11.4%, 84 seats
Seats won21419164
Seat changeDecrease 51Increase 7Decrease 20

 Fourth partyFifth partySixth party
 Ska Keller (10851856583).jpg José Bové - Meeting in Toulouse for the 2007 French presidential election 0188 2007-04-18 touched.jpgNo image.svgAlexis Tsipras die 16 Ianuarii 2012.jpg
LeaderSka Keller and
José Bové
Did not present a candidate[2]Alexis Tsipras[3]
Last election7.5%, 55 seats7.3%, 54 seats4.8%, 35 seats
Seats won524645
Seat changeDecrease 3Decrease 8Increase 10

 Seventh partyEighth party
 No image.svgNo image.svg
LeaderDid not present a candidateDid not present a candidate[4]
Last election4.3%, 32 seatsNew
Seats won3835
Seat changeIncrease 6New
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