Pope Francis meets with 300,000 school Children

(Vatican Radio) On Saturday, hundreds of thousands school children, along with their teachers and families, filled St. Peter’s Square and Via della Conciliazione to take part in a festive encounter with Pope Francis. (Image via Radio Vaticana from earlier date)
The meeting was part of a national campaign organized by the Italian Bishops Conference in support of schools, called “La Chiesa per la scuola” or The Church for Schools.
The aim of the event is to give witness to the passion for education in Italy, as well as the challenges that impact schools in the country.
In his address, Pope Francis told the school children why he loved school: first, going to school helps us to open our minds and hearts to reality; secondly, it serves as an important place of encounter during our formative years; and finally, going to school helps us develop a sense of the true, the good, and the beautiful.
The Pope concluded by reminding the participants that going to school ought to teach us how speak in three languages: the language of the mind, the language of the heart, and the language of the hands. Text Shared From Radio Vaticana