Supermodel Kathy Ireland explains PRO-LIFE Message in Viral Video - SHARE

The beautiful Kathleen Marie "Kathy" Ireland an American model, and actress. She and her husband Dr. Greg Olsen have 3 children Chloe, Erik and Lily. She is a Christian and Pro-Life Advocate. In this Viral Video she explains the Pro-Life issue using science. From Youtube:
After all you can't have a position that is either pro-life or pro-choice unless you can answer the question - What is the unborn? If it were not a life then you would not have to abort it. If the unborn is not a human being then no justification is necessary. If it is a human being then no justification is adequate. There is after all no difference on your DNA when you are an adult, child or just a few cells not yet fully developed but still fully human in nature. Body size does not determine value. The former Presidential candidate Huckabee learned something and maybe you will as well. 
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