Brady Bunch Actress Dies RIP Ann B. Davis - Pray for her Soul

Actress Ann B. Davis, who became the housekeeper Alice Nelson of The Brady Bunch, died Sunday at a San Antonio hospital in Texas. She was 88. Ann Bradford Davis was born on May 5, 1926 in New York, and died June 1, 2014. She fell Saturday at her San Antonio home and never recovered. Her first fame came while playing secretary on another TV sitcom, The Bob Cummings Show. Here Ann played Schultzy, the assistant to Cummings.

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This performance brought her two Emmys for best supporting actor. She also appeared on Broadway and in some movies. The Brady Bunch aired for five years from 1969.  She wore a blue and white maid's uniform in character, and was often cleaning but also provided support for the family.  Alice returned in The Brady Bunch Hour (1977), The Brady Brides (1981), The Bradys (1990) and The Brady Bunch Movie, 1995.   Davis also appeared in movies as A Man Called Peter, Lover Come Back and All Hands on Deck. In "The John Forsythe Show" Ann played a gym teacher at an exclusive girls' school in 1965-66. She also toured to entertain U.S. troops in Korea and elsewhere.  She was began acting at the age of 6 with her twin sister, Harriet, in a puppet show. Ann attended the University of Michigan,  and graduated in 1948 with a degree in theatre. Davis became very religious after TV saying,  "I was born again," .  "It changed my whole life for the better ... I spent a lot of time giving Christian witness all over the country to church groups and stuff."