SHARE this Beautiful Letter a Dying Dad left to his Baby Daughter from Heaven - Might make you Cry....

Nick Magnotti, was diagnosed with appendix cancer when 24 years old. Nick and Alyssa, his wife, asked God for a baby. Watch this beautiful message of hope and love that he recorded for his baby daughter while battling cancer. The cancer originated in his Appendix and has spread throughout his abdominal cavity, despite many efforts to curb the cancer's aggressive nature. Through all the treatments, multiple surgeries, intense heated intra-peritoneal chemotherapy treatments, seventeen rounds of systemic chemo and countless hours of excruciating pain - he continues to smile. Though doctors can no longer help him, the word he uses to describe how he feels now, is, blessed. Cancer overcame Nick and he was taken on January 7, 2014. He died peacefully in his wife's arms, from Cancer at the age of 27. This message will encourage you and others to be at peace during struggles and greet life with a Smile.... (Source: Youtube: Alyssa Magnotti)

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