Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Girls are Not Safe - 8 Year Old Disabled Girl Raped in Bangladesh

AsiaNewsReprt: by Sumon Corraya
The victim, who is disabled, has survived and is in hospital. Catholic, is the niece of a local priest. Her abuser is a young Muslim of 25 is currently in prison. 

Mymensingh (AsiaNews) - Catholics in the Diocese of Mymensingh in Bangladesh are calling for a exemplary punishment and no impunity for the man who raped Balsree Chambugong, a disabled 8 years old Catholic girl. She was attacked June 27: the rapist, Sahab Ali, a Muslim of 25, is currently in prison. The little girl has been hospitalized for her injuries.

Initial reports reveal that the young man took advantage of a moment when the child was alone in her home. He dragged her out to a nearby bamboo field, where he raped her. Some neighbors heard Balsree screaming and managed to stop the man, and then call the police.

The little girl, a tribal of Garo ethnicity, is a member of the parish of St. George, Mariamnagar (district of Sherpur) and is the niece of Fr. Biolen Chambugong, a Catholic priest who works in Baluchora, another parish in the diocese.

Yesterday, students and local Catholics organized a protest to demand action. Fr. Shimon Hacha, senior priest of the Diocese of Mymensingh, told AsiaNews: "Christian Women and girls are not safe in their homes. We need security from the local authorities".

Asia News

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