New Movie " The Perfect Wave " - True Story of Near Death Experience - with Scott Eastwood and Rachel Hendrix

Clint Eastwood's son, Scott, will star in a new Christian film, "The Perfect Wave." This movie covers the life of Pastor Ian McCormack. McCormack grew up as a reckless youth surfing in New Zealand. This true story stars Scott Eastwood and Rachel Hendrix (from "October Baby")  The film follows the life of Ian (Eastwood), who, looking for adventure, tries to surf some of the most famous waves in Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa in search of the "perfect wave." During his trip, Ian falls in love with Annabelle (Hendrix). He follows her to Mauritius an Island in Africa. Ian is stuck repeatedly by a jellyfish, and pronounced dead in hospital.  Ian meets Jesus and sees heaven during this time of death. He miraculously wakes up with a new faith in Jesus. "The Perfect Wave" shows the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to sinful by calling them to faith. This movie will open with limited release in theatres in the USA on July 11.