ISIS bombs Iraq's Oldest Church in Tikrit - Please PRAY

El-Balad: ISIS affiliated elements bombed the Iraq’s Green Church, in the middle of Tikrit, about 170 kilometers north of Baghdad, using IEDs, said a Saladin governorate security source.
“ ISIS fighters implanted IEDs inside the green church in the presidential palaces district, leaving it totally devastated,” he said, Thursday, at a press conference..
The church is regarded as one of the oldest Christian houses of worship in the Middle East.
“ The former regime restored the church in 2000. The Saladin governorate made a petition to have it included on the world heritage list,” added the source who asked to remain anonymous.Shared from
Edited from RomeReport: The church was a historical monument that was built 700 years after Christ. The militants are scorching the Christian roots of the Middle East.

At the same time, the constant stream of refugees continues to grow and the humanitarian crisis is multiplying. 

Turkey is now receiving thousands of displaced people. The country opened its borders to allow more than 130,000 refugees escaping the violence. 
Recently, the Islamic State has taken over more than 60 cities in northern Syria, close to the Turkish border.