ISIS destroys Armenian Church in Syria - Please Pray

Syria: IS fighters destroy memorial church of Armenian Genocide | Jihadists, Islamic State, Armenian,  Deir el Zor,  Syria

Armenian Memorial
INDCATHNEWS/FIDES: Jihadists of the Islamic State have destroyed an Armenian church in Deir el Zor in Syria - a city with a Kurdish majority, which they conquered recently.
The remains of thousands of victims of the Armenian Genocide, which took place a century ago, are buried at the church. Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, condemned the destruction of the church as a "horrific barbarity".
The church was consecrated in 1991 as a memorial of the genocide. The building also included a museum with images, documents and memorabilia of the people and communities that were lost. 
Is fighters killed hundreds of tribal members in the governorate of Deir el-Zor August and in recent months also fought with Islamist militiamen of the al-Nusra rival faction to gain control of the area.

Source: Fides