Femen activist who stole Baby Jesus from Vatican Nativity is released by Police - Please PRAY

A member of the group Femen was arrested by the Vatican for stealing a statue of the Baby Jesus. She took the statue Pope Francis gave the Christmas blessing. This occurred in front of thousands of people at St Peter's Square in Rome. The protester was detained for "disturbing the peace, obscene acts in a public place, and theft". But in an act of mercy, the Vatican prosecutor met with Yana Zhdanova and decided to free her, according to Vatican spokesman the Reverend Federico Lombardi. Her protest "must be regarded as extremely serious due to the setting and circumstances that intentionally offend the religious sentiments of a very large number of people," said Lombardi. The Ukrainian activist was also told to never set foot in the Vatican City State again. Zhdanova yelled: "God is woman". During the Euro 2012 football games in the Ukraine, she grabbed the trophy and  displayed "F**k Euro 2012" on her chest.