Breaking News Bomb blast in Yemen Kills dozens of people - Please PRAY

AsiaNews IT : Sanaa, deadly blast outside a police college: dozens of victims
The bomb went off as people queued for a police recruitment drive. It is unclear the number of dead and injured. The attack has not been claimed, but in all likelihood is the work of terrorists of "al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula." 

Sanaa (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Dozens of people have been killed or injured in a blast outside a police college in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, security sources say. The bomb went off as people queued for a police recruitment drive, police officials said. Witnesses said the blast was heard across the city and a large plume of smoke was seen.
Yemen has been unstable since protests in 2011 forced then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh from office. Photographs at the scene of the blast showed the wreckage of a vehicle. In the immediate aftermath of the blast, ambulances transported casualties away from the scene as bodies were seen lying in the street, witnesses said.
No group has so far said it carried out the attack in Sanaa on Wednesday. However, Islamic militants belonging to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have staged an increasing number of bombings and shootings across the country.

Yemen has been plagued by instability since the start of anti-government protests in 2011, which resulted in President Saleh standing down in 2012 after 33 years in power. Since then ministers have battled a growing al-Qaeda presence, often with the help of US drone strikes. In November a new cabinet was formed in an effort to defuse mounting political tensions. Asia News IT Share