3 year old Boy with Cancer celebrates Mass in #Viral Video - he wants to be Pope - SHARE

Rafael Freitas is a 3 year old boy from Brazil with Cancer. He celebrates Mass and wants to someday.  According to his father, Randersson Freitas, Rafael invites the other patients to attend his 'Mass,'” in the cancer treatment facility.  “When he started walking just after he turned one year old, Rafael started imitating the priest every time we went to Mass. When the priest raised up the chalice, he would raise up his little cup,” In 2014, the boy was diagnosed with stage 4 form of childhood cancer affecting the nervous system and bones.  Although, the doctors say he is terminal - he has shown some signs of improvement with the prayers and love of those around him. The priest at the hospital chapel gave him a paten, the plate used at Mass to hold the Host,and he also gave him a small tunic and stole made in his size. “The priest thought Rafael’s request was so beautiful that he gave him a whole set of unused liturgical objects. The day he received them he must have celebrated 300 hundred Masses,” his father said. “He was still ‘celebrating’ Mass at 11 o’clock that night.” This video of Rafael has gone Viral and many thousands have seen him celebrate Mass. “We are extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist and we strive to attend Mass every day,” Randersson said.  “We are in a crucial week when new tests will be done to figure out what needs to be done still. Perhaps he will need a bone marrow transplant,” Randersson said. “We ask prayers from all bishops, priests, religious, laity and families. Pray for Rafael. Let us form a prayer chain. We know that Rafael’s healing is in God’s hands and we hope that this miracle will take place.”
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Source: http://www.caminocatolico.org