#BreakingNews 45 Burned to Death in Iraq - Please PRAY for Peace

Terrorists from IS have burned to death 45 people in the west Iraq town of al-Baghdadi, according to the local police chief and BBC. The chief Col Qasim al-Obeidi said he thought some were members of the security forces. The town, near Ain al-Asad, was captured by  IS  last week. He indicated that the housing compound of the families of security personnel and local officials was under attack. He asked for help from the government and the international agencies. Al-Baghdadi was taken over Thursday.  Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm John Kirby told reporters on Friday that al-Baghdadi's. The Ain al-Asad air base, has almost 320 US Marines are training members of the Iraqi army's 7th Division, is only 8km (5 miles) away. The base was itself attacked by IS militants on Friday. The militants were repelled by Iraqi troops and by US coalition aircraft. (Image share Google Images)
Please PRAY for Peace....