#Actor Eduardo Verastegui “I made a promise to God that I would never again use my talents....

Actor Eduardo was engaging in activity that violated his Christian Faith. Then, He Made a Promise to God That Changed Everything. This Hollywood actor and producer has a message for people in the entertainment industry: “You don’t have to compromise your faith in order to be successful.”
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 Verastegui, the producer of “Little Boy,” said that Christian actors should seek out relevant projects that don’t lead them to sacrifice their morality. “Use your creativity to find new opportunities that both align with your beliefs and inspire those around you,” he said. Verastegui, who is a life-long Catholic, said that he found himself living in a way that was not reflective of his Christian faith after his career in the entertainment industry took off, He then decided to change and make a promise to the God. Actor and producer Eduardo Verastegui “I made a promise to God that I would never again use my talents for something that would offend my faith, family or Latino culture,” he said. “Faith became the center of my life for the first time.” Verastegui  created Metanoia Films, a independent production company that makes wholesome films. Here he says, “We could control the message and stories being put out — movies where I didn’t have to close my mom’s eyes or my sisters wouldn’t be offended,” Verastegui said. ”With movies like ‘Bella’ and now ‘Little Boy,’ we are able to share family friendly messages that stay with you long after seeing the movie.” The producer believes that “Little Boy” holds the potential to bring out the inner-child in each audience member, reigniting the “innocence and purity”