#BreakingNews Largest #Family in Britain welcomes 18th Child!

Britain's largest family has now 18 members! Hallie Alphia Beau Radford was born on June 3, 2015 weighing 7lb 15oz. Sue and Noel Radford welcomed their 18th child. Sue describes her other children  “[Hallie’s] so doted on by all her brothers and sisters and is settling in really well we are so in love with her,” on the family’s blog.

The Radfords, run a successful bakery business in Morecambe, Lancashire, England. They do not claim any state benefits.  Sue and Noel knew each other from childhood and Sue became pregnant with their first child at the age of 14. Besides Hallie, the couple are also parents to: Chris, 25, Chloe, 19, Jack, 17, Daniel, 15, Luke, 14, Millie, 13, Katie, 12, James, 11, Ellie, 9, Aimee, 8, Josh, 7, Max, six, Tilly, 4, Oscar, 3, and Casper, two. Sue said to a UK newspaper The Sun: “I think she'll be the last, but I never say never. We won't actively try but I won't go on the pill. We'll leave it to nature, if we're meant to have more then I suppose we will.” The Radford’s, are also grandparents to two kids, and have been featured on the British TV show “16 Kids and Counting.” In the U.S., the biggest family, the Duggars, also have 19 kids and are known for the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting.”


Unknown said…
So they dont claim child benefit is that what you are saying.???
Unknown said…
They are supporting a family of twenty on the income from one small bakery shop?? Loaves and fishes come to mind .