Free Movie : The Third Way : SHARE Amazing Documentary on Homosexuality and the Church

 40-minute documentary focusing on the Catholic Church’s teachings on Homosexuality.
"The Third Way" is an allusion to the Catholic position on homosexuality, which rejects both anti-gay bigotry on the one hand and the unqualified endorsement of homosexual activity on the other.
Magnificent and moving, the film features first-hand testimony from several faithful Catholics who struggle with homosexual attraction. Most of them were heavily involved in the gay scene before committing to chastity. Their experiences shed new light and reveal how Catholics can help those experiencing same-sex attraction. Their stories ultimately affirm the great joy and freedom found in the Church’s teaching, centered on authentic love.
Director - John-Andrew O’Rourke, Cinematography - Thomas Shannon and Branden Stanley, Art Director - Matt LaMar, Motion Graphic Design - Michael Oliveros, Editor - John-Andrew O’Rourke, Executive Producer - Rev. John Hollowell Featuring:Chris Stefanick, Jason Evert, Fr. Michael Schmitz, Sr. Helena Burns, Chris West - Credits song by Matt Hylom ( Purchase the film at