Help Women in Distress and their Children in #Rwanda - Sponsor Good Shepherd Mission

The Good Shepherd sisters of Rwanda help poor women in need and their children. In Rwanda In 1968, a request to collaborate with a Rwandan Congregation brought five sisters to teach in Muramba, where they also opened a homemaking school and a maternity clinic. In 1985, in Kigali, a lay Rwandan association, the Umushumba Mwiza (Good Shepherd) asked for the help of the Congregation to set up a facility dedicated to helping women in difficulty and their children. The plan consisted in establishing a Centre for social integration and work training. The civil war of 1994 brought about many changes, and since 1997, the Centre is under the responsibility of Rwandans. Today, the Congregation helps with the human and religious formation of the Fraternity of the Good Shepherd Sisters of Rwanda. This new community, was born in the hearts of young Rwandan women. It provides care for the babies and schooling for the children. Mothers are taught to grow crops and sell them so as to provide for their families. They are also taught many other skills needed for daily living. The organization also cultivates peanuts and manufactures peanut butter to sell on the market and other goods which help the mothers financially. To Donate to this essential Mission helping Women in Distress and their Children Please Email:

Fr. Cyprien Ntibankundiye