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5 Reasons You Need The Victory App

I could try to be more excited, but I’d be unsuccessful. The Victory app is here, and it’s going to wreak some serious damage on your—or someone you know’s—porn addiction.
What is the Victory app? It’s a new app that provides a strategic battle plan for victory in the struggle against pornography. Here are five of its features, which, are also five reasons you need to download it now.

1. One Day at a Time

Recovery from porn addiction isn’t something that happens to you, rather, it’s a series of daily — sometimes hourly — choices we make by our actions. The victory app reinforces this by allowing you to track your progress one day at a time. When you open the Victory app you’ll see a calendar displaying the month you’re in. At a quick glance you’ll see the days you had setbacks (indicated by grey squares), the days you experienced victory (indicated by white squares), and even the days you went to the Sacrament of Confession (indicated by green squares).

2. Daily Check-In’s

Morning, Noon, and Night, the Victory app notifies you to check-in. How are you doing – good, okay, bad? You can let the app know if you’ve had a setback, and it will take you to another page to assess that setback – were you bored, lonely, angry, stressed, or tired? What was it that triggered you (got you thinking about looking at porn)? After a couple of months, you’ll be able to check and see how much progress you’ve made from the previous months.

3. Accountability Button (aka, the “Bat Signal”)

In the fight against porn addiction, no person is an island. We need each other. That’s why we’ve put a handy-dandy accountability button (lovingly called the “bat signal”) at the top right-hand side of the screen. In the app “settings,” you can enter up to three accountability partners. In a moment of temptation, you can press this “Accountability button” and those accountability partners will be notified on their phones (even if they’re locked) with this simple message, “Please pray for (your name).” How cool is that?

4. Daily Inspiration

Mark Hart and I have written over 50 entries for daily inspiration. These entries will educate, motivate, and challenge you.

5. It’s Discreet

It’s called Victory, and not, “I wish I could stop looking at porn.” Plus, if someone does try and open the app, they won’t be able to without first entering a four-digit passcode set by you. Take that nosey friend trying to get up in yo bisness.
Finally. It’s free. How much? Free. #YourWelcome #ThankYouAwesomeDonor. Now quit reading and start downloading. Help us and those you love by sharing the news!
The Victory app will check in with you morning, noon, and night, to see how you're doing in your battle against impurity.