#BreakingNews Bomb attacks in Baghdad #Iraq Kill 29 and Injure 80 - Please PRAY

Baghdad, 29 dead and over 80 injured in a series of bomb attacks
At present there are no official claims for yesterday’s attacks. Suspicions point to Islamic State, who want to conquer the Iraqi capital. Security forces have armored the area north of Baghdad, in fear of more explosions. Markets and checkpoints targeted creating numerous civilian victims.

Baghdad (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The death toll so far from a series of bomb attacks that struck Baghdad yesterday is 29 dead and 80 people injured. At present there are no official claims for yesterday’s attacks, but - in recent times - these terrorist acts are often the work of the Islamic state.

The jihadist group, which conquered large parts of Iraq and neighboring Syria and founded a so-called "Caliphate", have stepped up attacks against security forces and the government with a Shiite majority, in the context of an increasing offensive in the north and west.

The bloodiest bombings yesterday in Baghdad hit the northern district of Shaab, when a man wearing explosives detonated himself in a crowded market; the toll is at least 10 dead and 25 wounded.

Previously, a car bomb exploded in the district of Khazimiyah, targeting the Aden checkpoint. This left eight dead, including five civilians, and 23 wounded. And again, a second car bomb targeted the Banook district, killing six people and wounding 15.

Finally, in the al-Askan district a third car packed with explosives killed four people and injured 11. The explosion occurred around sunset, to coincide with the end of the daily fast in the holy month of Ramadan.

Security forces have closed several areas north of the capital and are looking for new bombs ready to explode.

Iraq has long been the scene of a confessional and sectarian violence, which has intensified with the emergence of the militias of the Islamic state. The jihadist militiamen have occupied large areas in the north (including Mosul and the Nineveh Plain) and in the west, but the goal remains the conquest of Baghdad. Shared from AsiaNewsIT