Evil Uncovered the Sale of Baby Body parts by Planned Parenthood needs to Stop - Please PRAY

 Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards appeared on ABC's This Week and once again claimed that her organization makes "no profit" off the sale of baby body parts.

She claimed that harvesting organs from innocent children is just another "service" that Planned Parenthood provides.

Our latest video blows that story to bits.

In this installment, a former employee of a fetal parts procurement company tells her harrowing story of how she was tricked into a job dissecting the bodies of innocent pre-born children.

Then, in an absolutely ghoulish display, our undercover investigators are shown into a lab where they dissect fetal bodies and discuss pricing with a Planned Parenthood director.

I'll warn you - this video is graphic. It's our most jarring and hard-hitting installment yet. But every American needs to see it, including you.

This video is precisely the reason why Barack Obama has launched this witch-hunt.

He'll do absolutely anything to keep us from exposing Planned Parenthood's dollars-for-babies crime ring - even if that means prosecuting us for trumped-up charges.Edited from Operation Rescue

And please, while you're watching, make a much-needed contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can possibly afford to help us continue battling Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration.