#BreakingNews Baby burnt alive and Father Dies after Home of Palestinian Family set on Fire

Nablus, father of the child of 18 month old burned alive in settler attack, dies
The man, 32, died of the second-degree burns sustained during the attack. His wife and eldest son of four remain in critical condition.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The father of the Palestinian child of a year and a half who was burned alive on July 31, in the arson attack on their house in Duma, near Nablus, by Israeli settlers, has died.
Dawabsha Saad, 32, died in an Israeli hospital, where he was being treated for second-degree burns that covered his body. His wife and 4 year old son remain in critical condition. His funeral will be held today.
According to eyewitnesses, Israeli settlers threw firebombs into the house and, before fleeing, wrote "revenge" and "long live the messiah" on the walls. Saad and his wife Riham were able to rescue their eldest son, Ahmad, but not the little Ali, who died almost immediately.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has branded the attack as "terrorist."
Nablus: Palestinian child burnt alive after Israeli settlers set fire to home
by Joshua Lapide
The mother, the father and the eldest son, aged four, are injured, but safe. The settlers have left graffiti praising the "Vendetta" and the coming of the "Messiah". The Israeli army defines the gesture an act of "terrorism". In 2015 there were 120 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied territories and East Jerusalem. Many settlers share a vision of radical Judaism who wants to "purify" the Land of Israel also by killing.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) - A one-and-a-half year-oldPalestinian baby was burned to death and three of his family members were seriously wounded late Thursday night after settlers set on fire a house in the village of Douma, near Nablus. Another house was burned, but without casualties. The Israeli military called the attack  a gesture of “terror."
Witnesses say that the settlers threw firebombs into the house and spraypainted graffiti reading "revenge" and "long live the Messiah" before fleeing. The whole house caught fire soon after.
The father Saad was able to rescue his wife Riham and 4-year-old boy Ahmad, but did not see the baby, Ali Saad Dawabsha, due to the lack of electricity.
Ali Saad Dawabsha died shortly after sustaining serious burns. His mother and father, and their older son, also sustained injuries and were evacuated to a nearby hospital.
According to another witness, there were four settlers, who fled the scene towards the nearby Maale Efrayim settlement.
The Israel Defense Forces confirmed a Palestinian toddler was burned to death, and that Jewish extremists are suspected to be behind the attack.
"This attack against Palestinian civilians is a barbaric act of terrorism," IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner  said soon after the attack. Forces are combing the area in attempt to find the perpetrators.
Israeli settlers have carried out at least 120 attacks on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank since the start of 2015, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Over 500,000 Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements across occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank in violation of international law, Some of them share a vision of radical Judaism, which ask to “purify” the Land of Israele by killing all the “pagans”, included the Palestinians. Shared from AsiaNewsIT - Image IMEMC