#BreakingNews Massive Explosions in #China leave 50 dead and 700 injured - Please Pray

Tianjin, explosion in industrial warehouse compared to "atomic bomb"
 The two explosions the equivalent of 3 and 21 tons of TNT. A dozen firefighters have died, perhaps from fumes from deposits containing hazardous materials. Buildings burned, containers ripped apart, cars destroyed , collapsed ceilings, broken glass.

Tianjin (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A huge double explosion in a chemicals warehouse has killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 700, transforming a part of the city of Tianjin into an apocalyptic landscape. Many people commented on social networks, comparing the explosion to an "atomic bomb".
Firefighters, arrived shortly after the explosions, but had to halt operations this morning after several dozen of them fell ill and about ten died from the fumes. In fact the precise content of the warehouse is still unknown and it is feared that it contains not only explosives, but also poisonous products.
The blasts occurred in the industrial area to the northeast of the city port. The first, at about 11.30 last night, produced by a fire that broke out among a load of explosives. The flames soon spread to a deposit of "dangerous chemical material" resulting in a second, even more terrible, blast less then thrity seconds later.
According to the Chinese Center for monitoring earthquakes, the first explosion had a magnitude equal to three tons of TNT; the second was equivalent to 21 tons of TNT.
The two major explosions were followed by other smaller explosions, that have devastated the district.
Many buildings in the industrial area of ​​Binhai were reduced to ashes; many containers were ripped apart by the blast; a 1000 new cars in a near by autopark were destroyed; the windows in many apartments we were shattered and the ceilings collapsed.
This morning there were still flames in different areas. Many residents were injured by debris or broken glass and were admitted bleeding to hospitals in the city that are struggling to accommodate all those in need of care.
According to state media, 11 firefighters died trying to extinguish the fire. The operations were stopped this morning until the content of deposits that exploded are known. The Beijing News said that 33 firefighters are missing.
The container port of Tianjin is the 10th in the world for trade and has become the clearinghouse for mineral products, coal, cars and crude oil to northern China. The city with more than 15 million inhabitants, is home to several manufacturing and foreign idustries.

President Xi Jinping sent a message calling for "very effort" to be meade to rescue the victims and to contain the fire. Meanwhile, Ruihai Logistics executives, who own the warehouse where the explosions originated, are being questioned by the authorities.

Exposure to cyanide poisoning feared in aftermath of Tianjin explosions
by Wang Zhicheng
Some 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide used in the mining industry were stored in the warehouse that blew up. Traces of cyanides and other chemicals have been found in two underground drainage systems. A nuclear, biological and chemical rescue team tries to isolate and secure hazardous material. Death toll reaches 50 with 700 wounded, 71 critically. A young firefighter that went missing yesterday is found. The government continues to filter media coverage.

Tianjin (AsiaNews) – Fires are still burning at the site oftwo massive explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin, some 36 hours after the original blasts. Both authorities and residents are concerned about possible exposure to cyanide poisoning through both soil and water contamination.
The People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, said that emergency services were "trying to remove all the 700 tons of sodium cyanide" stored at the site.
The environmental ministry has found traces of cyanides and other chemicals in two underground drainage systems three to eight times safety limits. With rain forecast, air-borne pollutants could pass into water systems.
In fact, many residents have gone on social media to say that they had difficulty breathing. The authorities however have reported that pollution levels in the city remained acceptable.
At least 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide, a toxic chemical often used in mining to extract gold, were kept in wooden boxes and metal containers at the blast site. Many residents wonder how the company could keep such a dangerous material so close to residential areas.
Tianjin officials said at a press conference that the Ruihai International Logistics’ warehouse was allowed to store hazardous goods, including sodium cyanide, for only 40 days whilst they were in transit.
In view of the dangerous situation, the authorities have sent a nuclear, biological and chemical rescue team to the area in order to isolate and secure hazardous material.
Meanwhile, the death toll is up.  At least 50 people are known to have died as a result of the twin blasts. An additional 700 have been injured, 71 critically. The dead include 17 firefighters, who arrived after the first explosion and were hit by the second blast, or possibly by toxic gases generated.
A firefighter was found alive this morning after he went missing yesterday. Zhou Ti, 19, was one of the first firefighters to reach the warehouse. No details were given about how he was found or what condition he is in.

For its part, the government continues to filter the news. A panel of officials at a Thursday press conference were peppered with questions about what chemicals were in the tanks that exploded, but they refused to provide details, and the briefing ended abruptly with officials rushing off stage. Shared from AsiaNewsIT