Friday, October 23, 2015

#BreakingNews 2 young Children burnt alive over cell phone fight...Please Pray

India, two Dalits children burnt alive over cell fight on a cell phone
by Nirmala Carvalho
Vaibhav, two and half years old, and his sister Divya, nine-months, died because of an argument over a cell phone for 27 euro. Members of a high caste set fire to their home. The mother is hospitalized in critical condition, the father has burns on both hands. Five policemen suspended for negligence. Activist for the rights of Dalits and tribals: "No government is able to contain or stop the merciless violence against the lower castes. Police and government fail to assume their responsibilities and try to lay the blame on others".

New Delhi (AsiaNews) - Two infants from a Dalit family were burned to death in the fire that destroyed their home in the village of Sunpedh Faridabad, in the state of Haryana, about 40 km from the capital of the Union.
They are two and a half year old Vaibhav and his little sister, Divya, only nine months old.
According to investigations, the perpetrators are members of the Rajput clan, one of the India’s higher castes, who were involved in a dispute with the Dalit family for more than a year over a phone costing 2 thousand rupees (about 27 euro).
Arun Ferreira, activist for the rights of Dalits and tribals, told AsiaNews: "The increase in cases of sectarian violence and brutality by the high caste against Dalits and tribal minorities represent a serious problem. Violence based on caste going membership has continued for dozens of years in India. "
The attack took place yesterday morning at about 2 (local time). Jitender, the father, suffered burns to both hands while his wife Rekha is hospitalized in critical condition.
The man said: "The murderers were Rajput and in October 2014 they had a falling out with the Dalit minority over the killing of three men following the alleged theft of a mobile phone. They broke into our house while we were sleeping, poured gasoline through the windows, locked the doors and set it on fire. I smelled gasoline, and I woke my wife up, but the flames had already enveloped the whole house".
Neighbors brought the family to Delhi Safdarjung hospital, where children died and the mother is hospitalized with 70% of  her body burned. The state government has suspended five policemen for negligence and deployed security forces to the scene of the attack.
Ferreira said: "No government is able to contain or stop this series of violent incidents that are mercilessly unleashed against the lowest castes, especially in poor rural areas. Although there are laws to protect minorities, investigations are so manipulated that it is rare for cases to come to trial before a judge. The problems of caste discrimination are so entrenched in the high castes and prejudices so difficult to break down, that violence against Dalits remains unpunished".

Furthermore, he concludes, "the threat of the Naxal guerrillas [a group of far-left radical, associated with the Maoists - Ed] is used by the authorities to bury activist groups that defend the Dalits. The activists are often identified by the name of Naxalites to implement an implicit repression against them. The police and the government are criticized by the Dalit community for their failure, and even for their support of high castes in these episodes. They are not only unable to take responsibility, but they also try to blame others".
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