#BreakingNews #ProLife Paul Ryan voted as new Speaker of House of Representatives in USA

 Pro-Life Congressman Paul Ryan has been elected as Speaker of The House of Representatives on Thursday. He is a Republican Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and replaces Speaker John Boehner. He won over pro-abortion Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Ryan has been a pro-life supporter during his time in Congress and with a pro-life voting record. Recently, Congressman Ryan voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Many Pro-life groups immediately congratulated Ryan.   Ryan explained he will appoint David Hoppe as his chief of staff as Speaker of the House. Hoppe has served on the staffs of pro-life lawmakers. “Our faith informs us in everything we do. My faith informs me about how to take care of the vulnerable, of how to make sure that people have a chance in life,” Ryan said in the 2012 presidential debate. “Now, you want to ask basically why I’m pro-life? It’s not simply because of my Catholic faith. That’s a factor, of course. But it’s also because of reason and science.” “You know, I think about 10 1/2 years ago, my wife Janna and I went to Mercy Hospital in Janesville where I was born, for our seven week ultrasound for our firstborn child, and we saw that heartbeat. A little baby was in the shape of a bean. And to this day, we have nicknamed our firstborn child Liza, “Bean.” Now I believe that life begins at conception,” Ryan explained. “That’s why those are the reasons why I’m pro-life. Now I understand this is a difficult issue, and I respect people who don’t agree with me on this, but the policy of a Romney administration will be to oppose abortions.”