Actress Patricia Heaton and Stephen Colbert have a Catholic Competition on Air - SHARE

Patricia Heaton and Stephen Colbert had an amazing competition on air to see who is the most Catholic in Hollywood. They are both practicing Catholics. Questions included; “How many places did Mary appear?” and “As a Catholic, how do you sell your house faster?” They also brought up some  catechism questions. Colbert asked; “What’s the thing called with the thing with the radiant lines you hold the host in, it’s got a little glass thing, and you carry it around…” Heaton cut him off saying“the monstrance.” Heaton then asked: “Fill in the blank: Whosoever wears this … shall never endure the fires of hell,” Colbert answered “scapular!”. There competition ended in a tie. Other questions included: Whose family includes more kids? Who has a sister who is a Dominican nun? How many places did the Virgin Mary appear after she was assumed into heaven? Watch the clip below, you might learn some Catholic trivia and have a laugh. SHARE