Attacks on #Christians in #Nigeria continue with 2 Million displaced and 150,000 Killed in 6 years...Please PRAY - SHARE

In the last three weeks, Boko Haram has attack in Maiduguri again (Nigeria) with suicide bombers. The death toll has risen to more than 87. The Nigerian President Buhari has claimed that Boko Haram was "technically defeated." However, the killing of mainly Christians continues. Even through Christmastime, and into the first two weeks of the New Year. Boko Haram continues attacks in Nigeria.  Boko Haram is responsible for 2.1 Million displaced people in Nigeria. Bishop Doeme of the diocese in Maiduguri, explained that 60,000 out of 125,000 faithful Christians have left. At least 50 churches and chapels have been destroyed. Latest Statistics show that over the last six years, Boko Haram has murdered 150,000 people, most of them Christians. However, last October, the army rescued 338 hostages, mainly women and children. The Bishop Oliver Dash Doeme said; “The people who are returning need drinking water, medicine and food”.
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