#BreakingNews 1st Bill to Defund #PlannedParenthood signed by House and Senate - Please Pray for an end to Abortion...

First-Ever Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood Goes to Obama’s Desk Press Release: January 8, 2016 By Operation Rescue
UPDATE: January 8, 2016, 12:00 pm Central – It is now being reported that Pres. Obama did in fact veto the legislation that would have defunded Planned Parenthood and repealed parts of Obamacare. Passage shows that there is now a path to defunding with a Republican in the White House 
By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC –
A first-ever bill defunding Planned Parenthood was successfully passed by both the House and the Senate this week and enrolled in a ceremony by Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday. That bill has now been sent to Pres. Barack Obama, who has vowed to veto it.
While Obama’s veto will ensure that no Federal funding will actually be stripped from Planned Parenthood, the vote was significant because for the first time the Republican-controlled Congress has proven that there is a path to passage that bypasses the 60-vote threshold in the Senate that has served as a roadblock to pro-life legislation in the past. Should pro-life Republican be elected as President in November, the same process can be used in 2017 to finally strip over $500 million of Federal funding from Planned Parenthood. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman wants the public to remember why Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve one red cent of our tax money.
“Not only is Planned Parenthood the largest purveyor of abortion in the U.S., taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent children each year, but prima facie evidence now exists that Planned Parenthood is a corrupt criminal enterprise that should be prosecuted under the law,” said Newman. Undercover summary videos released by the Center for Medical Progress over the summer months shows planned Parenthood abortionist’s cavalierly describing grisly partial birth abortion methods used as a means of procuring the most intact fetal organ specimens for sale. The videos also showed Planned Parenthood officials haggling with CMP actors in an attempt to get top dollar for each organ harvested from Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.
One Planned Parenthood abortionist, Mary Gatter, even joked that she wanted to make enough money off the sale of baby parts so she could but a Lamborghini, leaving no doubt that Planned Parenthood has illegally profited from the sale of aborted baby remains. “The body parts scandal is only the tip of the iceberg in Planned Parenthood’s long history scandalous behavior,” said Newman. “This makes it completely unacceptable to continue funding it.”
 Other examples of misbehavior by Planned Parenthood include ongoing cases involving billing fraud in Iowa, California, and elsewhere along with accusations of failing to report suspected child sex abuse. In Kansas, the Planned Parenthood organization was charged with 107 criminal countsrelated to illegal late-term abortion and manufacturing evidence to cover up their crimes.
That case was dismissed only because a corrupt official in the pro-abortion Attorney General’s office shredded the evidence against Planned Parenthood. In Massachusetts, Planned Parenthood abortionist Roger Ian Hardy was forced to surrender his Massachusetts medical license in January 2014, after 18 witnesses came forward in 2004 to testify against him about his inappropriate sexual behavior not only with his patients, but also female members of his staff. This salacious scandal covered in technicolor-detail in a three-part expose published by the Boston Globe. Planned Parenthood has also been involved in many instances of medical emergencies and malpractice cases involving horrifically botched abortions. For example, in 2014, Planned Parenthood of Illinois paid out $1.5 million to settle a wrongful death suit brought by the family of Tonya Reaves after Planned Parenthood’s abortionist Mandy Gittler tore a hole in Reaves’ uterus during a second trimester abortion, then failed to call an ambulance for 5 ½ hours as Reaves laid hemorrhaging internally from her fatal wounds. Shockingly, Gittler continues to be employed by Planned Parenthood. “We could go on and on about documented evidence we have in our possession related to Planned Parenthood’s dangerous and sometimes criminal conduct,” said Newman. “If any organization has earned being kicked off the public dole, it is Planned Parenthood, but it has been the result of public pressure that has motivated Congress to act.
While it is disappointing that Congress could not stop Planned Parenthood funding this year, I look forward to the election of a Republican President in November so tax-funding of Planned Parenthood’s corrupt enterprise can finally end. Congress’ actions in passing the defunding legislation shows that cutting off public funds is not just wishful thinking. There is a way to get this done.” Newman has endorsed the candidacy of pro-life champion Senator Ted Cruz for President. Press Release from Operation Rescue