Singer #CelineDion mourns her Husband at Funeral in Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal

The funeral of Rene Angelil, the husband of famous singer Celine Dion was held  at 3p.m. on Friday January 22 at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica. His son Rene-Charles (14) and twins Nelson and Eddy (5) led the procession with Celine Dion.Angélil was born in Montreal, Québec, Canada, to a Syrian father and a mother of Lebanese descent. He was Melkite Catholic. Angelil’s older son Jean Pierre, from another marriage, followed by Rene-Charles. Rene said,  “Dad, I promise you here that we are all going to live up to your standards,”  A recording of Dion singing “Love Still Exists” was played.  Angelil was the manager of Dion's musical career. Angelil died from cancer last week. With his first wife, Denyse Duquette, he had a son Patrick, in 1968. In 1974, he married singer Manon Kirouac and they had two children, Jean Pierre (born 1974) and Anne Marie (born 1977). In December 1994, he married the singer Céline Dion. Dion’s 59-year-old brother also passed from cancer this past his funeral was on Saturday Jan 23rd. Please Pray for their souls.