#BreakingNews Nuns who faced Eviction from helping the Poor given $25000 Donation

 The French nuns who were in danger of being evicted from little soup kitchen have been given a donation of $25,000 by business coach Tony Robbins. The nuns of the Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth Soup Kitchen can stay for a year at their current rent. “This is wonderful — now we don’t have to be in the street,” Sister Mary Valerie. Robbins, read of the nuns’ plight in The Chronicle and gave them $25,000. ‘No more crying?’ Then he kissed the hand of Mary Valerie, gave her a hug and pronounced: “You’re beautiful.” . “No more crying for us no more?” Mary Valerie said. “No more crying no more,” Robbins said.
 Robbins, a millionaire, was poor as a child and homeless as a teenager, and created a personal foundation,which gives clothing and food to the poor; which serves 2-4 million people in need every year around the world.
The landlord of the Nun's nearly doubled their rent and they are being evicted.  The nuns who run the kitchen on one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods have been feeding the homeless for eight years. In January they got a notice to pay almost 60 percent more rent — from $3,465 a month to $5,500 — or leave.Their only income comes from selling at farmers markets the fruit-topped cakes and other French pastries they bake at the kitchen. They feed hundreds of homeless people weekly and sleep in the back. Robbins said he would provide another $25,000 within the next year, to move to another location.  Offers of help Hundreds of people from around the nation and Canada have e-mailed or phoned the soup kitchen and The Chronicle to offer help for the nuns.  Within two days, it had raised more than $10,000. Mary Benedicte said. “Thank you, Mr. Tony,” she said quietly. “The homeless people are so sad, and we are here to love them. We have to find a way to keep doing." (Edited from San Francisco Chronicle)
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