#BreakingNews Nuns receive Easter #Miracle a new Home to Feed the Homeless from Tony Robbins

The Sisters of the order Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth had a Soup Kitchen but were  evicted from their former location on Turk Street, SanFrancisco. Multimillionaire business coach and Tony Robbins  bought the French nuns their own soup kitchen. Robbins paid over $750,000 in cash this week for the property’s purchase, Now Sister Mary Benedicte, and Sister Mary of the Angels can serve meals to hundreds of homeless people. “It feels like God’s providence,” they said.“This is God’s blessing. Wow.” Robbins is known internationally for for counseling former President Bill Clinton to actor Leonardo DiCaprio. “ Inspired by their story’ Robbins spent time homeless before he became famous. “I was so inspired by their story,” he said. “I was deeply touched that not only are they feeding people, but their entire lives are spent toward loving and taking care of people....I have a deep love for the nuns, and I want them to be able to put all their efforts into doing the wonderful things that they do.” The real estate agent said,  “I had just closed the office when I heard something outside, went to the door — and there were these nuns,” said Antonio Gamero, an agent with Re/Max Future on Valencia Street. “I thought, ‘I don’t want to talk about religion right now,’ but then they told me who they were and what they wanted. And, like, the next day we got working.” Mary Martha said, “Finding this building is really like a resurrection for us — it goes so well with the holy week of Easter. We were so concerned for the sisters in San Francisco, and we were praying so hard for them, and then God sent Tony to help us.” Robbins said, “Three days later it was my birthday, and while I was doing my program, this music came on and three people dressed like nuns came walking toward me,” Robbins said. “It was members of my team, and they gave me a check from my platinum partners (large donors) for what they called ‘the nun bailout.’ It was $400,000. It was the best birthday present I ever had.” As for the soup kitchen sisters, they won’t start planning any move until next week. After Easter. “For now, this is a time only for prayer,” said Mary Benedicte. “We are closed. But in our prayers, we thank God for this miracle.”
Edited from SFGate