Cool #Priest releases Pop-Gospel #Music Album "to glorify God would help to win more souls for him." Fr. Albert - SHARE

Afro-Pop Gospel Video Fr. Albert Owie Ofere he started this music as the chaplain to the Nigerian Catholics in England and Wales. He’s released his first album called "Every Day of My Life", with six songs, and “God Dey My Side,” . The album is a mixture of Afro-pop and gospel music. Fr. Olfere, was ordained in 2001. He decided to use music “because many people like to dance to Afro-pop music and using it to glorify God would help to win more souls for him.” He started singing as a child. “My dad was once a choirmaster. My younger brother, Fr. Richard Ofere, who is now a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Benin, sings a lot too. In fact, he was a choirmaster in the seminary. I never joined the choir, but I was occasionally invited to lead some songs or choruses in my seminary choir. As a deacon, I sang a lot in Sacred Heart Cathedral Warri.” Fr Ofere is now the pastor of a parish in London. Fr. Albert Owie Ofere is from Diocese of Warri, Delta State of Nigeria, Afric."I like to sing, music is part of the family, it’s always been in the genes.” He also eplained that his priesthood would always come first before his love for music. Edited from the Diary Magazine of Africa