Wow Tony Melendez delights crowds playing #Guitar with his Feet!

Tony Melendez Delights Audience
at Bancroft Village Playhouse
 Tony Melendez is a Nicaraguan native who now lives in the U.S., and is a musician who brings his unique style and message to audiences of all ages, all around the world.  A sold-out Bancroft audience was enthralled by this talented performer as he gave his life story, along with a his awesome singing voice and guitar playing, to present his great message of hope and perseverance.  But what is especially unique about Tony is that he has no arms!
Tony was a victim of the drug Thalidomide which was given to his mom to relieve morning sickness.  Yet, he learned to conquer his personal trials with faith and determination and at age 16 learned to play guitar with his feet.  After much practice and patience he became quite accomplished as a guitarish and songwriter.  The highlight of his career was very early, and actually was his inspiration to deliver his message to all the world, when he sang for Pope John Paul II in 1987 in Los Angeles, upon the request of the youth.  The Pope was so moved that he got up out of his seat, walked over, and kissed Tony, and when the crowd finally quieted, he spoke directly to Tony:  "Tony... you are, you are truly a courageous young man, courageous young man. You are giving hope to all of us.  My wish to you is to continue of giving this hope to all, all the people."
Tony took his words to heart and now, 28 years later, continues to work his very busy schedule performing for schools and various organizations all over the world.  Tony's brother, Jose is his "both-hands-man," a compassionate brother who travels with him, as a sound tech and a participant on stage, always there for Tony when hands are really essential.  Both men are truly an inspiration in their life story and in the warmth of their hearts which flows from their faith.
Tony was invited and sponsored by Mary's Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to raise awareness to social injustice and to reach out to the poor.  The heart of Mary's Mission is that every human life is a life worthwhile and deserving of love.  Tony's presentation spoke it perfectly, as Tony's life does, every day. Special to Catholic News World by Mary Lou Robb, Founder of Mary's Mission

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