Wow #PopeFrancis hears Confessions of 16 Teens at Jubilee for Year of Mercy - "Let us forgive!" TEXT Message of Pope to Teens

The Jubilee for teens which is part of the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. The theme for this three day event is "Growing merciful as the Father”. 70 thousand teenagers aged 13 to 16 year old from all over the world. There were confessions heard by 150 priests and by Pope Francis himself, in the colonnade of St Peter’s Basilica.  There will be a special Mass Sunday morning in St Peter’s Square with Pope Francis. Pope Francis surprised thousands of teenagers in St. Peter's Square by personally hearing confessions for more than an hour Saturday morning. The Holy Father offered the Sacrament of Reconciliation to 16 teenage boys and girls. beneath the colonnade in front of St Peter’s Basilica. The teens went to  Rome’s Olympic Stadium and saw a video message from the Holy Father.  He said, “Don’t just prepare your rucksacks and your banners – but your hearts and minds as well”. “Being merciful means being able to forgive. And this is not easy, is it? Sometimes it happens that, in my family, at school, in the parish, at the gym, or while we’re having fun, someone does something and we feel offended; or maybe in a nervous moment we offend someone. Let us not remain in that state of anger or desire for revenge! It serves nothing! It’s like a woodworm which eats our soul and doesn’t allow us to be happy. Let us forgive! Let us forgive and forget the offence we’ve received, so that we may understand Jesus’ teaching and be his disciples and witnesses of mercy,” the Pope said. “How often it happens to me to have to call a friend but I can’t get through because there is no service. I’m sure this also happens to you, that you’re cell phone doesn’t connect in some places… Well, remember that if Jesus is not in your life, it’s as if there is no [phone] service! You can’t get in contact with someone and you close yourself off. Let us be where there is service! In your family, parish, or school, so that we will always have something good and true to say in this world.” The Teen Jubilee will be held until Monday April 25th.