#BreakingNews 1500 year Old Byzantine Church Found in Turkey in Underground City with Unseen Frescos of Jesus

An 1,500 year Old Byzantine Church was Found in Underground City in Turkey. This Church discovered in Turkey with amazing frescoes showing Jesus. This was in the  world’s largest known underground city in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. The frescoes illustrate Jesus rising into the sky, Jesus banishing evil in the Final Judgement. Some of the other frescoes depict the apostles, saints and prophets. Archaeologists indicate that it is more than 1,500 years old. It still contains many secrets will be revealed. The find was made as an urban housing project was going on in the city of Nevşehir. “We know that such frescoes have so far never been seen in any other church,” the mayor Nevsehir said. “It was built underground and has original frescoes that have survived to this day. This place is even bigger than the other historical churches in Cappadocia.” “It is reported that some of the frescoes here are unique. There are exciting depictions like fish falling from the hand of Jesus Christ, him rising up into the sky, and the bad souls being killed. When the church is completely revealed, Cappadocia could become an even bigger pilgrimage center of Orthodoxy,”Ünver said. Excavations are still continuing. Lead researcher Semih İstanbulluoğlu, said: “The structure was found a short time ago. The frescoes on the walls will return to their original look after restoration and cleaning work.” -