#BreakingNews Wow Noah's Ark Bible Replica on its way to Americas from Netherlands

The builder of an Exact replica of Noah’s Ark has to bring the 410-foot vessel to the Americas in time for the Olympic Games in Brazil. Johan Huibers’ built this ark at a cost of almost $4 million. It is currently in Dordrecht, south of Amsterdam. It is a tourist attraction drawing as many as 3,000 visitors a day, as an interactive museum and event center. To reach Brazil it would cost an estimated $1.5 million. Huibers is a multi-millionaire who used his own funds - and hands - to build the ark. (Ark of Noah Foundation) “If we are able to purchase a barge, that will make taking it to every port in South and North America a very real possibility,” David Rivera, of The Ark of Noah Foundation, told FoxNews.com. The group needs a miracle to achieve Huibers goal.
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This his life’s work began with a dream. His contracting business made him a multimillionaire which enabled him to start building. “[I hope] to see happy faces, explain the story of the Ark as a tool of God to give hope to mankind.” - Johan Huibers “In 1992 I had a dream about the Netherlands being underwater [due to] a flood,” Huibers, 57, told FoxNews.com. “A short time after, I saw a book and I read it to my children. It showed pictures of the Great Flood. I said then that I want to build the ark. Thirteen years later, I had the means and time to do it.” At 410 feet long, 95 feet wide and 75 feet high, the ark is half the size of the one described in the Bible. It is made of cedar and pine.  Completing the 2,500-ton ark took more than four years, during which time Huibers and a group that included volunteers, his son and even the local butcher.  Rivera, an Air Force veteran became involved with the effort to bring the ark to the Americas after visiting it in the Netherlands.  (Ark of Noah Foundation) Huibers has established the tax-deductible charity to raise funds. “I hope that visitors will learn of true hope,” Huibers said. “[I hope] to see happy faces, explain the story of the Ark as a tool of God to give hope to mankind.” The ark can hold up to 5,000 people. There are models of the animals the Bible says Noah saved from a devastating flood. “Once in Fortaleza, we will make upgrades to allow visitors of seeing a Bible story come to life,” Rivera said. Time is running out for Huibers and Rivera to raise the money needed to get the ark to Brazil by early August, when the Olympics begin.The foundation’s motto states, “There is always hope.”