Wow Nuns Top Music Charts with Beautiful Music #Benedictines of Mary - New Album - SHARE

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles have released their New CD of sacred music
 entitled, "Adoration at Ephesus."
It was recorded by the nuns in a monastic chapel. According to their Website they are : 
Totally consecrated to the Queen of Apostles, we take Our Lady's hidden life at Ephesus as an inspiration for our own. We seek to be what she was for the early Church: a loving and prayerful support to the Apostles, the first priests, and daily offer prayer and sacrifice for the sake of her spiritual sons. 
We cannot preach the Gospel to the nations nor bring the Lord to our tabernacles, but we can be "Love in the heart of the Church" with firm adherence to her teaching, loyalty to the Holy Father, and deep-seated love of the traditional liturgy.
In the company of Our Lady we contemplate the great High Priest, interceding for the sacred priesthood.
 There are some beautiful sacred hymns including a special Verbum Caro. According to Mother Cecilia, Prioress of the House of Ephesus Monastery,  there are 25 Nuns even a Sr. Wilhelmina aged 92. "Adoration at Ephesus" contains sacred music from a different  composers, with texts from Aquinas and the Gospels.

Latin classics like Tantum Ergo, Panis Angelicus, along with “Soul of My Savior” and other favorites are on the New CD.