#BreakingNews a Hospital in Poland stops all Abortions after Doctors sign #ProLife Clause allowing for Conscience opt out - SHARE

Please SHARE this Important News: In Rzeszów, Poland a hospital has stopped doing abortions after its doctors signed a clause that allows them to opt out because of conscience.
This Specialist Hospital Pro-Familia had become famous for performing abortions when a midwife named Agata Rejman exposed its activities two years ago.
In January 2014, Rejman revealed this at a press conference and testified to the abortions that were being done in the hospital. She said she and others working there cited the conscience clause and said that they refused to be involved in abortion,Rzeszow News reported.
The management contered by demanding that Rejman retract her statements, especially those saying that Pro-Familia “kills children.” Rejman was asked to pay 50,000 zlotych for Podkarpackie Hospice for Children and was threatened with a lawsuit if she failed to do this. Edited from Christiantimes
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